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Why Reply?

In your junk pile at home herein lies, buried among expired coupons and 20% off at Bed, Bath and Beyond is a beautiful card begging you to fill it out. It sits there, in its self-addressed envelope, just waiting for you to “get to it” one day.

This act of non-reply has just caused the person on that self-addressed envelope so much anxiety they don’t know what to do. In their mind races a magnitude of horror with thoughts like…

Did they even get the invite? Oh my gosh, if they didn’t, are they going to think they weren’t invited and I’m mad at them. I don’t want them to think they weren’t invited. Why aren’t they replying? Do they not like me anymore? Did I do something to them I don’t remember? Is everything ok at home? Are they mad at me? What am I supposed to do?!

This is no exaggeration. I have heard all of these anxiety ridden questions from my clients. Each of them take the non-reply so personally. I will spare you what they actually say about you behind your back ;)

If you had only taken that 10 seconds to complete the card the person would now have thoughts like this…

Oh my gosh they are coming! So and so is bringing a date, wonder who it is? Are they getting serious? I’m dying to know who they decided to bring. Mom, guess what, cousin Mike is going to make it to the wedding…I’m so excited!! Oh, Mrs. Green can’t make it, but I’m so glad she replied back and did get her invite. It means the world to hear from her.

The difference is dramatic. That reply means EVERYTHING to the couple and their families when planning their wedding. It is one of the greatest joy’s they have throughout the whole process. It’s the only experience where they rush home every day to open the mailbox and see who replied. It is an adrenaline rush of excitement to rip open that card and see what you decided. Coming or not coming doesn’t break them. Hearing from you means everything in the world.

So, when you receive one of those beauties, fill her out and mail her back within a week of receiving it. You will give someone a once in a lifetime super-happy, undeniable, joyous and incredible experience. THAT alone is why you reply.

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